Business and Personal Skills training

Take your company from good to great with targetted training in business and personal skills - this is where the magic happens. 

I help organizations identify the competencies needed by the employees for them to go from good to great in regard to driving business forward - and this with a smile on their face.   



By understanding business, people and learning:

  1. We look at the organizational strategy and how the employees are meant to support its progression

  2. We identify the lack of competencies in the group of employees 

  3. We build a blended learning training programme targetted the employees and the organizational needs

  4. The programme is structured in a way that train the needed skills hands on while at the same time improves motivation.

What others have done:

  • A 3 months programme covering two specific skills for the group of employees to improve. The programme had two class room training days and a great deal of facilitated on-the-job training. 

  • A 12 months programme covering three specific skills needed for the group of focus. The programme had 6 class room training days - two per theme and each theme facilitated over a four month time. The class room training is combined with a huge ampunt of targetted on-the-job training, peer group knowledge sharing, feedback and coaching. 

What programme to kick off has everything to do with the specific organizational context and its employees. Give me a shout and lets see how to get you from good to great.   


My contact details


Wilders Plads 8C

1403 København K.

Tel: +45 2785 7587

CVR: 39832062

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