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Empowering Teams


Empowered teams empower business 

  • Is your team struggling with performance, not meeting deadlines, or signaling hoarding behaviors?

  • Do you sense a level of conflict or exclusion of specific team members?

  • Do one or more team members act demotivated?

  • Are you struggling with empowering the team when working remotely?

These are some of the most common challenges we are contacted to help resolve for the team to get back on their feet and release their full potential.


We believe that all members of a team want to do their absolute best and to be great contributors to the team and company. However, something prevents them from doing so. This often has to do with some interpersonal tripwires or struggles that they may not even be conscious of. 

Therefore, when working on empowering teams, we focus on the individuals on the team, the leader's style when leading the team, and the team as one unified entity. 

A team empowerment process could look like the following:     

  1. Highlighting individual preferences and personal trigger points

  2. Practicing adapting strategies to make the team work smoothly and agilely

  3. Noting what effective communication looks like for them

  4. Getting conflicts out in the open and bringing them together to find proper solutions

  5. Deciding on individual as well as team actions going forward

  6. Following up on action plans and deciding on next steps

However, what could work in your specific case, we need to talk about, so give us a call and let's explore options.


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