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References & Publications

Head of Executive Reward, Nordea Group

Senior Partner, PwC Denmark

"Lea facilitated a leadership course for senior managers and directors that I was part of (stretching over a 2 year period). Through the course Lea was deeply committed. She was able to inspire and engage with her incredible drive - even when things get personal, I felt well connected with Lea, and both content and the way it was delivered was for me very much on the money. I'd be happy to recommend Lea to anyone, as I am sure that she will deliver value to any professional relationship"

"Lea is, without a doubt, one of the best Learning & Development professionals we have ever worked with.
She is passionate about making a difference and gets 120% involved in her tasks. Lea always sees the possibilities or improvements - never limits or problems. She will be a gift to anyone she engages with or whatever she gets involved in".

Talent on Track, large Danish retail company

"Prior to my process with Lea, I did not believe that so much could happen within only five coaching sessions. However, Lea managed to push just the right buttons, and it is unbelievable how much that has happened during this relatively short coaching process I've been involved in. I am definitely positively surprised."

Publication: Den ydmyge leder (2020)

Contributor to the anthropology "Den ydmyge leder (2020)", where Lea argues that humbleness and power goes hand in hand when speaking of succesful leadership of todays workforce. 

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