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Behavioral Change

Paragliding in the Mountains
Strategy. Values. Mission. Vision.
Filled with good intentions but do they fly?

Often, these areas are introduced but far from implemented. 

What we do:

In close reference to the neuroscience on habits and how people change behaviors, we work with employees in a three-step implementation process: 

First, we facilitate a process where the strategy becomes tangible for each employee. We help them answer the question: What does this strategy actually mean, and how is it relevant to me and my workday?

Second, we help them set up a plan for how they can support the strategy through their everyday tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

From here, we follow the implementation process closely and intervene regularly with little nudges and activities in their workday to ensure that the action plan is being followed, and the behavior change is setting in.

A few examples from other cases delivered by CreateValue:

  • Helping the organization create a more flexible work environment

  • Establishing feedback as a common behavioral act

  • Implementing new onboarding plans across the company

  • Empowering employees to build good and powerful strategic relationships with different stakeholders

  • Merging cultures into more common grounds

  • Finding the organization's key to talent retention and attraction

Important note:  

It does not have to be big. It just has to be right (!)


To acknowledge this during the process, and to make sure the actions we decide on are practically embedded, is what CreateValue is known for. 

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