Behavioral Change

Strategy. Values. Mission. Vision.
Filled with good intentions but do they fly?

"Yes!", you may respond and therefore have no reason to continue reading. Or, you may be intrigued by the thought of doing it even better than you are today. 

How do we do this?

Standing on the shoulders of an analysis of how the strategy is practically empowered by the people in the organization today, we identify what actions you preferably could decide on from here to support the strategic goals and strengthen the organization.

A few examples from other empowerment cases by CreateValue:

  • Helping the organization create a more flexible work environment

  • Establishing feedback as a common behavioral act

  • Developing better onboarding plans and arenas

  • Empowering employees to build good and powerful strategic relationships to different stakeholders

  • Merging cultures into more common grounds

  • Finding the organizations key to talent retention and attraction

Important note:  

It does not have to be big - it just have to be right (!)


To acknowledge this during the process and to make sure the actions we decide on are practically embedded is what CreateValue is known for. 

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