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Who am I?

I am a learning and development specialist working with employees and leaders to improve their way of fulfilling their role(s) in a more optimal way - optimal for them and for the company they are a part of. 

Two things are significant when collaborating with me: 

1) I prioritize targetted interactive simulations, case work and hands on training over dusins of slides with theoretical run throughs. 

2) I do not compromise establishing a concrete actionplan for the training/coaching/development programme to generate actual value in the clients everyday worklife in between or after the sessions.

What kind of consultant can you expect? Let me tell you a little story: 

On one of the very hot summer days 2018 I sat in my parents beautiful flowery garden in Jylland and had a cup of coffee with my mom.  As always we were talking about politics, society and where our next holiday destination should be at. After a minute of silence only interrupted by the many attention seeking birds around us, I asked her: "What is the most important things in parenting, you reckon?" She thought about it for a few seconds and then said: "What it all comes down to is to be present, show them you care and to be honest".


Now, this is what I am made of and this is the foundational traits you will get from me - as a person and as a professional. 


Have a sneak peak at my services to find out how we may release the potential of your organization.

My contact details


Wilders Plads 8C

1403 København K.

Tel: +45 2785 7587

CVR: 39832062

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