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Create Value

with people

Who are we?

We are learning and development specialists working in depth with employees and leaders to help them fullfill their role(s) in a more optimal way - optimal for the participants and for the company they are part of. 

Our ideology:

In 2016 Lea Meier Thode, the founder of CreateValue, facilitated a leadership programme in one of Denmarks big accounting companies. 27 senior leaders from various departments were gathered to engage in their first face-to-face session.

After the first day had ended and people started leaving the room, one of the more introverted participants came up to her and - as calm and thoughtful as he always appeared, he said: "Lea, I really feel like my motivation for leadership is coming back to me. I now see that good leadership is not about fitting into a pre-defined box but to figure out how become a good leader in relation to who I am and the context in which my leadership is to unfold.Thank you for today".  He then left the room and left Lea stunned and with goose bumps on her arms. This was her call. This was the purpose of her career. If she could facilitate this experience for as many leaders and employees as possible, she found her worklife meaningful. 

This is the reason CreateValue was founded: To get more time to empower people in their professional uniforms to help them become a better and happier version of themselves at work. A process directly impacting business. 

How we differ significantly: 

1) We work with our clients in a blended learning process putting less time into class room sessions and more time into facilitated on-the-job training. This is due to the fact that the human brain loves habits and for it to change or do something differently, it needs to be motivated and supported in doing so by little nudging activities introduced to it over a period of time. E.g. the well known 2-days training session in a conference room is by us converted into a process of multiple, tailored nudges starting with a pre-work activity followed by a 1 day interactive face-to-face event followed by 3-5 facilitated on-the-job activities. This is a scientifically proven need if you are serious about impacting behaviors and habits. 


2) The other thing that makes our delivery significanlty more valuable is that we never compromise a highly interactive training environment. Our rule of thumb is to spend nothing more than 25% on theoretical run throughs and 75% on interaction. Why? Because no human has ever become better at a tool or theory by being told why it is valuable. We need to apply it, to feel it and test it and figure out, how it is specifically useful to us.

We are specialized in mainly three areas: Modern leadership training, Implementation of strategic goals and Empowering teams to empower business. Dive into the black box below to know more.

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